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Extra Large Gift Hamper

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Canberra's most loved social enterprise florist, providing employment opportunities for people with disabilities has teamed up with some incredible social enterprises around the nation to bring you THE PERFECT gift you can send!

 Our ultimate indulgence collection: including scrumptious savoury and sweet treats  that will impress everyone! In this gift hamper, you will receive:

This hamper is set inside a beautiful magnetic box, and you will receive 1x non-alcoholic beverage, 1x Miks Chai, 2x  jars of relish, chutney, jam or sauce, 2x Bite Size cookie boxes, 2x jars of baby jam, 2x Grassmere Snacks, 1x bag of yummy pretzels, 1x Indigiearth Dukkah or Prairie Dust, 2x mustard mini cretzels, 1x Mildura Chocolate Factory Chocolates (GG's choice), 1x salted cashews, 1x protein ball, 4 GG's cookies, 10x individually wrapped chocolate balls, and 10x chocolate wafers - delicious! 

Please note if an item is out of stock we will swap for an equally scrumptious replacement of equal value

This gift is packed by people with disabilities at GG's Flowers and delivered with love - the whole process is to provide our vulnerable members our of community with a better future. It's a project we're very proud about and we feel so honoured to be working with such incredible organisations all around the nation. 

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