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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is GG's Flowers located? 

We are currently located at the beautiful shops in Farrer, Canberra. It has always beens Gayana's dream to have her own shopfront to sell her amazing hampers alongside her work mates. Come down and visit our shop to chat all things flowers and hampers. 

Why should I choose GG’s Flowers? 

These gift baskets have a purpose. We’re not your average profit driven business. Your money goes straight to helping people with disabilities gain meaningful employment. People with disabilities are involved every step of the way with your order and they put so much love, enthusiasm and pride into all of their arrangements. 

No amount of money can buy the happiness Gayana and her colleagues feel when they are tasked with their very own order. You support means more than any words, so please consider supporting us in our quest to help these beautiful individuals.   

What days are you open? 

We are open Monday to Friday. We give ourselves the weekend off! 

What if I want to pick up my order?

Of course you can! Afterall it is your gift! To make this arrangement just give us a call and you can pick it up from the GG’s Flowers in Farrer.

Can I personalise my order?

We’d 100% love to help you and your gift go that extra step further. The best option is to ring GG’s Flowers so we can discuss exactly what you’re hoping for! 

This is all so exciting! How can I pay you?

The GG's Girls accept Visa and Mastercard. We can also provide an invoice for large orders, corporate organisations and one off deliveries. 

What happens if I have a problem with my order? 

Oh no! We're so sorry. The GG Girls strive for perfection and Gayana would hate for you to be unhappy. Please call us within 24 hours of delivery with full details of the order so we can sort it out for you.

I have to cancel my order! Can I get a refund?

We hope everything’s okay! Unfortunately we cannot cancel orders less than 12 hours before delivery time. Instead of a refund we offer store credit ready for your next occasion. Please contact us ASAP to discuss what we can do for you.

This is such a fantastic you do Gift Vouchers? 

Yes, absolutely! We have a minimum gift voucher amount of $50. 

The gift voucher must be presented when redeeming and used to the full amount. Gift vouchers have a six month validity from the date of purchase. 

The service I received was excellent, thank you!

You're most welcome. The biggest congratulations you can give us is recommending us to your family, friends and colleagues. We don't have a huge advertising budget as we strive to direct our profit to helping people with disabilities. So recommending us to your friends and rating us on Facebook will always be greatly appreciated. 

We love seeing you with your deliveries, so feel free to upload some photos to our Facebook page.