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WithOneBean produces Arabica coffee that is harvested by farmers in Timor Leste then roasted and packed in Australia. This offers fair substance for farming communities to help improve their livelihood, opening up the opportunity to earn more than the average 80c a day. Producers from poor countries are not only able to increase and stabilise their income but such work also improves their skills. 



Threeonesix is a social enterprise empowering vulnerable communities all around the world in organic tea agricultural practices. This provides safe and stable employment for underdeveloped local industries and opens up the market to all. By offering fairer compensation threeonesix hopes to put an end to global exploitation in labour and sex. 



Mildura Chocolate Company makes gourmet chocolates whilst opening the door to the workforce for people with disabilities. It's a branch of the Christie Centre, a not for profit Disability Support Organisation. People with disabilities are given the chance to be involved in different aspects of the business including production, packaging and sales. 

Karingal is a gourmet food production service offering employment for people with disabilities and mental illnesses in a supported and safe environment. This helps to improve their quality of life, develops their skills and provides a stable income. 

Goodwill Wine started in the aftermath of a disaster: the Black Saturday Bushfire. The creation of Goodwill Wine involved a simple idea: to buy premium wine, relabel them, and sell them to case buyers and send a percentage of that profit to supported charities. Goodwill Wine aims to use their wine as a way to further spread awareness of the organisations and charities in Australia.


Indigiearth is an Aboriginal owned and operated business showcasing the best of Australian native products. The business supports other Aboriginal communities across the country to promote employment, income and education for those within the community. The awarded business continues to support Aboriginal communities, and continuous to bring the Natural Earth products and services across Australia.